First Late Model Trophy Dash Start!

May 17, 2014 - Hats off to Buddy's crew for putting a blistering hot rod underneath him which earned him bragging rights for laying down the fastest laps times during all practices on Friday and Saturday over all his competitors!  He then threw down the 2nd fastest qualifying lap (personal best) putting him in his first Late Model Trophy Dash, finishing 2nd!  He earned two more top 5's feature finishes, placing 4th in the first Twin 35 Lap Feature and 3rd (personal best) in the second Twin 35 Lap Feature.  It was an over the top exciting race, you could have throw a blanket over the top 4 as they battled it out to the checkered flag!

Buddy, his crew and all the other teams had to endure the hottest race days so far this season at the track over these 2 days.  The heat made the track slick and greasy, but only to Buddy's liking.  He says those hot, slick, greasy tracks are his favorite, reminds him of his dirt track racing roots!

HUGE THANKS to his CREW: Dick, Joel, Tom, Gary, Kenny, the guys back at the shop. SPONSORS: D'ANGELOS Automotive & Industrial Coatings, AXALTA, Cow-Boy Bail Bonds, Advanced Distribution, H&S Body Works and Towing, DC's RV Center, RTS, RaceHard, Crystal Pools and friends, HONDO Inc., Schaeffer's Racing Oil and Wilson's Industrial Pump Inc.

NEXT RACE.....May 24th @ KCRP.

Race On!!!