May 24, 2014 - More personal bests for the 14 year old kid and his team, setting fast time and finishing second in the 50 lap CITGO Lubricants Late Model Main Event at Kern County Raceway Park last night.

Once again Buddy topped the leader board in all practice sessions friday and saturday.  He then backed it up with earning a very respectful fast qualifying time of 18.848 (Buddy is Car No. 02 on the leader board, picture to left).  Buddy rolled a 5 invert which put him in the inside third row for the 50 lap Main Event, no Trophy Dash was scheduled for the night.  When the green flag flew he motored into third and on the tail of second place.  A few yellows later, and bad restarts from the car in front of him, he got shuffled back into the field and came across the finish line in fifth. HOWEVER, in post race tech, the top three cars were disqualified and Buddy was awarded second place for all his efforts.  "My hot rod was a bit too loose tonight, but over the top proud of my team, they worked hard and we had some amazing moments throughout the weekend", the kid said of their stellar weekend.

Buddy will be traveling to Madera, California on May 31st.  He digs this 1/3 mile race track and threw down some awesome practice laps earlier in the season there.  Madera Speedway is no stranger to him, he raced his legend car there several times and had awesome results.

Upcoming races:  May 31st @ Madera Speedway, June 14th @ Kern County Raceway Park

Race On!!!