Bakersfield, CA

Buddy Shepherd Rocks Roseville!!!  Just after celebrating his 13th birthday earlier in the week and his first time ever racing at the All American Speedway in Roseville, California, he finished with an amazing 6th place finish from 18th starting position.  The Buddy Shepherd #22 Young Lion Legend was SMOKIN’ FAST!

After Friday nights’ practice and ending up 9th fastest, he was pumped to hit the track on Saturday.  After practice, 31 Masters, Pros, Semi-Pros and Young Lions hit the track to qualify.  Buddy was bummed, as he qualified 18th out of the 31 Legends.

He made an attack plan for the main, which was made up of a 26 car field.  Once the green flag dropped he never looked back!  As he passed cars on the low side, on the high side and dodged a few mishaps along the way, he came across the finish line in 6th, just missing 5th place by inches!  He definitely executed the mission he had planned, however, a shortened race (cutting it by 10 laps due to time restraint), left him out of time for more victims!

Thanks everyone!!!