Bakersfield, CA

12 year old Buddy Shepherd takes the Bullring in Las Vegas by the horns!  After 3 days of racing his Legend car in the Young Lions/Semi-Pro division, he racked up an impressive 4th place finish Friday night, 2nd place finish on Saturday and unfortunately dnf’d while running 4th on Sunday.

His first win almost came Saturday night as he battled it out on the last lap!  Once he caught up to the leader he waited patiently for the last lap, then making his move coming out of turn 2 on the last lap underneath the leader.  When they both entered turn 3, the leader cut down on him, Buddy got a little sideways, collected the car and received the checkered flag in 2nd position.

And, Sundays’ race ended when he became an innocent victim of the two cars in front of him.  As he went into turn one in 4th position, (at which time you could throw a blanket over 2nd, 3rd and 4th) the car in 3rd punted the car in 2nd place and Buddy had nowhere to go.  He suffered right front end suspension damage and had to be taken off the track on the hook.

It was an awesome weekend of racing!  Many thanks to the team, sponsors, family and friends who support his dream.