November 7, 2015 - Piloting the #43s CAMPBELL MOTORSPORTS, HALL AMBULANCE, H&S Body Works and Towing, H&M Motorsports hot rod,  Buddy earns $7K for his efforts in the Ironman 125 at Kern Co Raceway. 


The Ironman 125 proved to be a profitable night for the Buddy Shepherd Racing Team, earning 7K for their efforts!  Buddy drove the #43s CAMPBELL MOTORSPORTS, Hall Ambulance, H&S Body Works and Towing, H&M Motorsports hot rod to a very respectable P5 in qualifying and finishing P6 in the main.  Buddy was the highest passing driver earning 5K, and 2K for his overall finish. 

The race was split into 3 segments.  Segment #1 = 50 laps, with the top 4 inverting and starting at the rear of the field for S2.  Buddy started P7 and finished P4 in S1, putting him in the second to the last row to begin the second 50 laps.  He found himself in P5 at the end of S2.  All drivers had the option to start the remaining 25 lap segment straight up or go to the rear of the field to earn those valuable passing points. Buddy chose to go to the back of the field instead of starting P5 in hopes to earn the 5K for passing the most cars combined in the 125 lap race.  Upon his announcement, the crowd went WILD!  His decision was a wise one. He passed the most cars in the race and took home the grand passing prize!

A HUGE thanks to Byron and Carol Campbell, Mike Keen, Derek Thorn, The Campbell Motorsports Team and The Buddy Shepherd Racing Team for their support, encouragement and for the opportunity to race in stellar equipment with the best team on the West Coast!

Buddy has had an amazing 2015 season, goals were met and doors were opened.  Now let's find enough partners to back Buddy in the 2016 season to compete in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Division meeting his most current goal.  

Race On!!!

Next Race:  Stay tuned for some great announcements, and always check the calendar!