BShep Victorious in Inaugural California Challenge Cup!


May 4, 2019 - After a hard fought 100 lap Inaugural Ca Challenge Cup at Madera Speedway, Bakersfield’s own Buddy Shepherd claims victory in California’s newest series.

Wheeling a new/used West car, purchased from the Jefferson Pitts stable, notching another Fast Qualifier award, Buddy had his hands full dicing during the inaugural event with a stout driver based out of Maryland state for several laps with side-by-side action. Buddy managed to get stellar restarts, however, he was the hunted. These two smooth drivers, racing in ride or die mode, living on the edge lap by lap, side by side, until Buddy in his patient, cool headed driving style edging him ahead just enough in the closing laps, taking a minimal lead to shoot him across the finish line!

“These are old West cars, many are sleeping away in shops across the states. Kenny Shepherd has created this low cost series so that low budget teams such as ours can get experience in big, heavy hot rods. The series regulates only one set of tires on race day, practicing, qualifying, racing the 100 lappers. Get those cars out to Madera Speedway and get your race on!”, says Buddy.

Loyal and continuing support for our Sponsors: FinishMasters, Axalta, Advanced Distribution, Schaeffer’s Racing Oil, H&S Body Works and Towing.

Crew: Dick Shepherd, Chandler Donovan, Bill Lowe, Racin Vernon, John Worley, Bo Bohanan and Gary Spangle.

Next Race: July 13, 2019, Madera Speedway-Ca Challenge Cup Series 100 laps.

Race On!!!




September 8, 2018 - Buddy and his team earned another $10K payday at All American Speedway in Roseville, California!

Buddy and his team made their long journey a profitable one, taking charge from the tenth starting position in a full field of heavy hitters in the JM Environmental Highline 150.

From the start Buddy methodically made his way through the top ten qualifiers.  Being his first time on the 1/3 mile track in an open late model, weaving his way through the field, capturing the win and the $10K!

It came with many challenges.  After taking the lead around lap 90, his signature orange #22 hot rod seemingly took charge.  With only a few laps remaining, a yellow came out to save the day.  As Buddy's hot rod was lacking grip, enabling the second place driver to catch up to his tail and challenge him for the lead, passing Buddy on the back straightaway, only for a yellow to come out, reverting back to the previous lap, recording Buddy as the race leader.  

On the restart with 5 laps remaining, tires cool, sites set on the win, Buddy got a stellar restart, pulling away from the field to take the win!

He can't thank his small, volunteer crew:  Mike Keen, Tony Lamas, Bryan Brown, Dick and Kellie Shepherd enough for all their hard work during an extremely warm weekend in Roseville.

A shoutout to his sponsors:  FINISHMASTERS - AXALTA - ADVANCED DISTRIBUTION - H&S Body Works and Towng - Dragster Joe Custom DieCast -  Bakersfield Muffler - Schaeffer's Racing Oil - Campbell Motorsports - Crystal Pools.

Thanks to Bill McNally and the Moore family for hosting the event, and all the All American Speedway staff.

Next Race:  September 13, 2018 (Thursday)-NASCAR K&N Pro Series West @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway dirt track - slinging mud for Jefferson-Pitts Racing.

Race On!!!



July 28, 2018 - Another $5K payday for Buddy Shepherd and his awesome team in the RPM Mortgage Pro Late Model Series at Madera Speedway!

On this blazing hot weekend, running a limited schedule in the RPM Mortgage Pro Late Model-MAVTV televised series at Madera Speedway this season, Buddy and his team qualified P2 of 27 heavy hitters, missing fast time by a hair!

Buddy's newest crew member, Rueban, drew the number three starting position on the front straightaway during introductions, placing Buddy second row inside for the start of the 100 lap main event.  Rueban an honorary Buddy Shepherd Crew Member, teaming up with us for the race through B-Tuff, Bakersfield's Tuff Dream Team staff, making it possible for him to have an amazing night of racing.  Riding in the pace truck, fun, goodies, and watching "his car" WIN, then celebrating in Victory Lane with Buddy, with Buddy awarding him the winning trophy!  Receiving Buddy's trophy brought tears to Rueban's eyes, and everyone celebrating with the team.

Dropping of the green flag, Buddy went to work, using patience, his gentleman driving skills, and focus, taking the lead early, never looking back.  His signature orange #22 AXALTA, FINISHMASTERS, ADVANCED DISTRIBUTION family owned, Bill Maropolus power plant, RaceCar Factory hot rod was off the chain!  The race saw multiple yellows, two red flags, challenging restarts, and the race cut short by a few laps due to curfew.

Following was a well deserved celebration in Victory Lane with his stellar team:  Rueban, his father, Arthur, Dick Shepherd, Nick Sivesend, Dalton James, Rob Ellington, Gary Spangle, and Buddy's mom.

Thanks to Kenny Shepherd and the Madera Speedway staff, ALWAYS putting together the BEST events, their professionalism is OUTSTANDING!

Race On!!!

Next Race:  TBA.

2018 Summer Showdown for CAMPBELL MOTORSPORTS


July 1, 2018 - A HUGE THANK YOU to Byron and Carol Campbell/CAMPBELL MOTORSPORTS for the opportunity to wheel their #43 hot rod for an amazing, and unforgettable weekend in the 2018 Summer Showdown at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington!

It was a rain soaked weekend, with the race getting underway, a day late, on Sunday afternoon.  Washington state holding up to it's name, with rain, and heavy mist, drenching the track and pits most of the 5 days the team took residency there.  

The 200 lap Summer Showdown green flag got underway around 1pm.  Starting P12 of 41, Buddy was on the move, making a mandatory halfway pit stop on lap 93, another quick pit stop on lap 122 for quick adjustments, restarting P30 at the rear of the field, driving up to the tenth position when the checkered flag flew!

Evergreen Speedway is a tricky, 5/8 mile track with holes, tire eating surface, and a monster truck of a jump coming out of turn four, which made for the most challenging track Buddy has ever raced on.

Shoutout to the crew:  Byron Campbell, Mike & Vicki Keen, Sal, Steve, Dennis, Dick, Bryan, and Kellie.

Next Race:  July 28, 2018 @ Madera Speedway - RPM Mortgage/MAVTV Televised Open Late Models 5K to win!  Driving the Shepherd Racing #22 orange hot rod.

Race On!!!




June 16, 2018 - Earning P1 in qualifying, leading the 15 car field to the start of the 40 lap main event, taking an early lead, lap three put Buddy into a critical/unusual situation.  Loosing power out of turn four, dropping to P9, slamming the trani into first to jump start his AXALTA/FINISHMASTERS #22 hot rod, gaining power in the loud pedal, he began carefully setting up and passing his opponents, regaining the lead, celebrating the "W" in Victory Lane.  Buddy and his crew dedicating the race to Mayor Harvey L. Hall who has been a large part of Buddy's racing career since it began in 2004!  


A big shout out to Mike Keen for his direction on the car, and to the small crew who assisted over the weekend, my sponsors, all the fans who support me, and Madera Speedway each race.


Next Race:  June 30, 2018 - 2018 Summer Showdown @ Evergreen Spdwy, Monroe, Washington, racing for Campbell Motorsports.

Race On!!!





May 5, 2018 - A last minute round up to the Bullring at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, wheeling the family owned #22 AXALTA, FINISHMASTERS, WILSON MOTORSPORTS hot rod, Buddy qualifying P5, and finishing P4 in the SRL-SPEARS Southwest Tour Series 150 lapper, and taking over the series points lead!

Thanks to Nick Siversind/Wilson's Industrial Pump/Wilsons Motorsports for loaning the team his amazing truck to make the tow over to Las Vegas in first class fashion, Scott Frenchimone for crew chiefing at a moments notice, Buddy's mom & dad, The Reif Family and Aaron, Mike Keen, and the Campbell's Motorsports crew for having our backs.  Dallas Montes and Katie for their Twitter contest and Twitter updates.

It was a scorcher at The Bullring all weekend, with only four crew members, including Buddy, wrenching on the car for the majority of weekend, with the heat trying to take a toll on the small team based out of Bakersfield, California.  Buddy and his team dug all weekend, reaping the rewards of a hard fought 150 laps to finish P4 and taking over the series points lead!

Buddy heading out fourteenth to qualify, behind thirteen of the twenty-seven heavy hitters, posting a P5 qualifying effort.  Maintaining his P5 qualifying effort, the top eight then drew for their starting positions, with Buddy drawing P8 for the start of the race.

Making his way through traffic, Buddy drove to as high as third place!  After yellows, restarting on the outside line (less preferred), shuffling back to tenth, charging back into P4 when the checkered flag flew on lap 150.  A stellar run for the soon to be Centennial High School graduate and his team.

Buddy's Sponsors:  AXALTA, FINISHMASTERS, WILSON INDUSTRIAL PUMP/WILSON MOTORSPORTS, Advanced Distribution, Dragster Joe Custom DieCast, Crystal Pools, H&S Body Works and Towing, Schaeffer's Racing Oil.


Next race:  May 12, 2018 @ Kern County Raceway Park - wheeling #22 late model for H&M Motorsports  - Twin 35 main events.

Race On!!!




April 14, 2018 - Buddy wheeling the family owned #22 hot rod, with backing from AXALTA, FINISHMASTERS, Advanced Distribution, Schaeffer's Racing Oil, The Wilson Motorsports Team, and The Campbell Motorsports Team, impressively made stout laps around the 5/8 high banked oval on Kern County Raceway Park for Race #2 of the SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series.

Arriving at the track Thursday afternoon for practice, The Shepherd Racing Team family owned #22 hot rod proved to be a car to be reckoned with as the afternoon progressed.  Feeling good about their efforts, and returning on Friday for more laps/seat time, setting the car in P2 for the overall combined practices.  

Anticipating an exciting return for Saturday/Race Day, making more stout laps, Buddy placing the team P3 on the qualifying board in a stellar field of thirty cars!  After qualifying, cars were put into impound until pushing it out for the On Track Autographs with the fans, then back into impound until main event time.  

Buddy and the remaining top 8 qualifiers redrew for their staring positions on the front stretch, Buddy drawing P8, starting him on the outside of the fourth row for the 100 lap main event. 

With only a few yellows throughout the race, planning to save tires for a late run, one car dumped oil down the back straightaway.  Once all four tires on the #22 hot rod hit the oil slick, it was game on saving the car from destruction.  Gathering his hot rod up, Buddy made a superb  save, motoring his way to the yellow.  When the track was clean, remaining laps were run and Buddy crossed the start/finish line in his third Top 5 finish in three races for 2018!

Kudos to Buddy's crew and their families for all of their hard work and dedication.:  Mike Keen, Nick Sivesind, Loren Hill, Tony Lamas, Gabe Scheer, Rob, Gary Spangle, my dad and mom

Taking a bow to all Buddy's fans who came out to cheer him on!

Next Race:  May 5, 2018 @ The Bullring at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway - SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series, Race #3.

Race On!!!



March 24, 2018 - Rolling into the track  for the season opener of the Spears SRL Southwest Tour, the Wilson's Industrial Pump team, under the direction of Butch Vandoorn, went to work at making the #15 hot rod fast in Friday night practice, topping the board in the first session.

Hitting the track on Saturday morning for the only practice of the day, the WILSON'S INDUSTRIAL PUMP, WILSON MOTORSPORTS, Axalta, FinishMasters, Vandoorn Racing Development #15 hot rod was bitchin fast, only to see Buddy tag the front straightaway wall and backing it into the turn one wall.  The Wilson Motorsports stellar crew went to work replacing several key components in hopes to make it in time for qualifying.  They didn't disappoint as Buddy hit the track for his qualifying run without any shakedown laps prior.

Settling of qualifying dust, Buddy found himself P6, waiting for the Top 8 qualifiers to draw for their starting position.  Buddy drew P6, starting him third row outside for the 125 lap main event.  There was a cloud burst delaying the green flag, rain drenching the track, with temperatures turning super cold.

Once the track was dry enough, the green flag flew, and the pinball game and inconsistent calls began!  With the rain earlier in the week and the downpour at race time, all the rubber had been washed off the track, mostly making it a one groove track throughout the race.  On restarts the preferred line was top side, with Buddy mostly restarting on the bottom, shouldn't have always been case though, controversial scoring.  Accepting his restarting positions, he went work, focusing on surviving from the bottom groove.  Dropping back in the line up until he could begin picking off his peers once he was able to move up on the track.  

His lightening fast reflexes, his ability to quickly recover, was the main factor in helping him to avoid several close calls, from either becoming the pinball himself, or avoiding cars that became the victims of rough driving throughout the race. 

Flying of the checkered flag, Buddy crossed the line for a fifth place finish, only after quite a battle in taking the P5 position from the bottom groove with only a handful of laps remaining.  Once in the clear his #15 hot rod was stout, making an excellent late run, catching the four ahead of him only for time to run out. 

Buddy gives a bow to his stellar crew:  Butch, Nick, Charlie, Jason, Tommy, Gabe, his dad, Loren for all their knuckling efforts in getting him back on the track after his wall brushing earlier in the day.


And a shout out to KEVIN PETERS for the awesome driver profile!

STATS to date for Wilson Motorsports:  Starts= 4, Wins= 1, Fast Times= 2, Top5= 4.

Next race:  April 14, 2018 @ Kern County Raceway Park - Spears SRL Southwest Tour wheeling the #15 hot rod.

Race On!!!




March 10, 2018 - Topping the qualifying board once again, and a P2 finish for the AXALTA, FINISHMASTERS, ADVANCED DISTRIBUTION, Dragster Joe Custom DieCast, Crystal Pools, Schaeffer Racing Oil, H&S Body Works and Towing #22 hot rod with it's wheelman Buddy Shepherd at Madera Speedway.

With rain lurking, race day schedule changes, shrinking of 100 laps down to 80, field of 32 cars, heavy hitters, the 5K RPM Mortgage-MAVTV Televised Pro Late Model Season Opener went green in the early afternoon.  Many sprinkles made their way onto the track during the 80 lap feature, racing straight through without a halfway break.

Buddy led the majority of the laps during the slick, wet track conditions, avoiding many spinouts of fellow racers when the track became wet and slick.  Loosing the lead and dropping back into the sixth position when he set his right rear tire into a mixture of fluid dumping from a car in the field, and moisture from the rain.  Around lap 55 is when Buddy entered turn three on the high side, as he had been running previous laps, it was on the second lap of a restart when his right rear tire came in contact with the mixture that almost slung him into the turn four wall.  Connecting with the same area, drivers behind Buddy held on for a crazy ride, allowing the inside row to motor by all of them.  

Buddy made a remarkable comeback, although his right rear tire was ruined, somehow managing to make passes, driving his hot rod to the rear wheel of the winner when the checkered flag flew.  It was an amazing drive for Buddy, combatting the wet, slick track conditions, on-track fluids, stellar competition.  Celebrating his finish in Victory Lane with the 51 Fifty girls, fans, family, crew, friends, track personnel.

In addition to earning winnings for his hard fought P2 finish, he brought home additional monies for his Fast Time Award, thanks to H&S Body Works and towing, Half Time Bonus, thanks to NICERIDE and gift certificates from Frank's Radio. 

Next Race:  March 24, 2018.@ Madera Speedway - SRL Southwest Tour Division.  Wheeling the #15 hot rod for Wilson Motorsports.

Race On!!!





February 3, 2018 - Friday night saw BUDDY CAPTURING HIS FIRST WINTER SHOWDOWN POLE  in his NICK & TRACY SIVESEND/WILSON MOTORSPORTS/VANDOORN RACING DEVELOPMENT/AXALTA/FINISHMASTERS #15 HOT ROD!  AND, topping qualifying off with an impressive P2 finish in the $30k to win 2018 Spears Winter Showdown main event at Kern Country Raceway Park.


A field of 48 cars were looking to fill that same spot, including many NASCAR big guns, Kyle Busch, teammate Daniel Hemrik, Ty Majeski, Noah Gragson, and last years winner Derek Thorn.  The Wilson's Motorsports team, with Butch VanDoorn crew chiefing, working hard earlier in the day replacing a few key malfunctioning mechanical components, just making it out for the first practice of two for the day.  Buddy topping the qualifying board as the fourth car out to qualify, had a long wait as the remaining 48 cars hit the track in their effort to knock him off the top spot.  Once qualifying was in the books it was time for celebrating, and receiving for their efforts, the BOBBY DURRETT Fast Time Award!  This award was extremely special, as Bobby's brother Ray just passed, both cousins to Charlie Wilson who was out of state with family, unable to be with the team for the race weekend.  "God Speed" Ray and Bobby!

Immediately after qualifying, all cars were put into impound for the night.  Returning the next morning, "Race Day", to crews preparing pit road stalls for the 300 lap race at 2pm.  Buddy qualifying P1, earning him the first pit stall in turn one, a huge honor, and less havoc for pit stops.

Buddy starting on the pole for the start of the race, dropping into P2 out of turn two, cruising comfortably lap after lap, saving tires and equipment.  Throughout the 300 laps, including pit stops, many teams were experiencing blistering of tires, however, Buddy's cool driving style kept the #15 hot rod in the front of the field, with one exception, dropping back to P7, only to drive back up to P2 by the end.  Exciting it was, with Buddy's huge fan base on their feet and cheering him on, seeing Buddy grab the hole shot from Kyle Busch on one restart.  Another yellow and restart with a few laps remaining, Buddy saw himself restarting inside Kyle Busch once again on the front row, in the less desiring of the two lanes, settling into P2, battling side-by-side with teammate Daniel Hemrik for the second position.  Buddy prevailing by a half a car when the checkered flag flew!

Humbling to have the support of an AWESOME Wilson's Industrial Pump crew, largest fan base, friends, and family sharing in Buddy's weekend stellar performance.

Upcoming Races:  1. Madera Speedway, March 10 - MAVTV/RPM Mortgage 100 lap 5K to win -  wheeling the orange #22 hot rod for mom & dad.

                                2. Madera Speedway, March 24 - SPEARS Southwest Tour - wheeling the white  #15 Wilson's Industrial Pumps hot rod for NICK & TRACY SIVESEND.



Race On!!! 






November 18, 2017 - Wheeling the #22 hot rod for Nick Sivesend at the Las Vegas Bullring in the Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series, Buddy earns a solid fifth place finish for the team's efforts under the direction of Butch Vandoorn.

Rolling into the Las Vegas Bullring on Friday for practice, the Nick Sivesend/Wilson's Motorsports/Wilson's Industrial Pump Inc/Vandoorn Racing Development team went to work fine tuning the #22 hot rod.  At the completion of practice Buddy and team found theirselves in the Top 5.

Returning to the track the following morning for race day, the hard working team preparing the car for an hour long practice session, qualifying, and the 125 lap main event.   Earning a P9 in qualifying, starting P9 in the 125 lap main event, finishing P5 for their hard work.  That P5 finish didn't come easy, it was a hard fought battle with the 28 car starting field, dicing it up and being up on top of the wheel every lap.

A BIG shout out to the crew:  Nick, Butch, Lance, Charlie, Andy, Joel, Jason, Gabe, Miles, my dad.  And to WILSON'S INDUSTRIAL PUMP, VANDOORN RACING DEVELOPMENT, WILSON'S MOTORSPORTS.


Next Race:  ---2018--- TBA.

Race On!!!



November 4, 2017 - Buddy earns another Top 10 finish in NASCAR'S K&N Pro Series West at Kern County Raceway Park.

Driving the #55 hot rod for Jefferson Pitts Racing (JPR), with sponsorship backing from HALL AMBULANCE and H&S Body Works and Towing, earning P7 for his valiant qualifying effort, placing him inside fourth row for the start of the 150 lap race.

Unfortunately, on the start of the race, a car missing a shift in Buddy's row in front of him, gave the outside row a great opportunity to race away, putting Buddy about P10, before he could fiercely began attacking the track.  Another caution, Buddy restarting on the inside row, leaders checking up, backing the inside row up once again.  Now for the challenging ground to make up from dropping back to P12.

At the halfway break, the crew went to work making adjustments to his loose handling car.  Restarting the remaining portion of the race in P9, wheeling the car to a P7 finish.  

Thanking HALL AMBULANCE, H&S Body Works and Towing for their backing, JPR and crew for never giving up.  And to my STELLAR fans, who's always rocketing me to be the fan favorite, SO HUMBLING!  THANK YOU!!!

Next Race:  November 18, 2017 @ Las Vegas Bullring, driving for Nick Sivesend/Wilson Motorsports in the Spears SRL Southwest Tour season finale.

Race On!!!




October 28, 2017 - Pairing up with the Wilson's Industrial Pump Team when owner, Nick Siversend asking Buddy to wheel his hot rod again.  Buddy didnt disappoint, wheeling Nick Siversend/Wilson's Industrial Pump's #22 hot rod atop the qualifying board for the Spears Southwest Tour Series 101 presented by 51 Fifty Energy Drink-Bulwark-Timberland at Kern County Raceway Park.

Driving for Nick Siversend, Buddy's stellar qualifying run put the hardworking, bad to the bone Wilson's Industrial Pump team, Butch Vandoorn directing, Charlie Wilson crew chiefing on top the board in qualifying.  Buddy's teammate, Lance Wilson earning a fourth place qualifying effort, equaling stout bragging rights for the Bakersfield based team.  

Drawing a P3 starting position for the 101 lap event, Buddy settling in at the start in P4, moving into P3, a mysterious yellow, a restart, once again settling in for P4.  Buddy held his position at the end of lap 51/half way break, setting himself up to start second row outside, the preferred line.

A short intermission with fireworks, a few adjustments, however, restarting in the P2 position after P2 & P3 either retired from the race or mandated to go to the rear of the field for the restart for changing blistered tires, placing Buddy on the pole for the restart.

Buddy driving the Wilson's Industrial Pump #22 hot rod, challenging for the lead before settling into P2.  Hard charging the first ten laps on the restart, staying on the bumper of the leader, looking forward to challenging once again, Buddy's hot rod tightening up, falling back, and settling for a second place finish when the checkered flag flew.  A shout out to Lance Wilson and team for their valiant effort, until retiring early due to engine woes.

A humbling honor to drive for Nick and the Wilson's Industrial Pump Team, first class, stellar equipment and bad to the bone team.

And to my newest,, greatest, bravest fan, and to my favorite Transformer... "Logan's Transformer".  

Next Race:  November 4, 2017 @ Kern Co. Raceway Park - NASCAR K&N Pro Series West, driving #55 for Jefferson Pitts Racing.

Race On!!!





October 7, 2017 - At the young age of seventeen, Buddy is crowned the RPM Mortgage Pro Late Model Series MAVTV televised Late Model CHAMPION, making it his third overall championship in three consecutive race seasons!  AND, he wins the fifth annual SHORT TRACK SHOOTOUT, collecting $10K for his efforts at Madera Speedway!

It's with a heavy heart that Buddy dedicates this race to Bailey Schweitzer, all the victims and families that have had there lives forever changed from the unfortunate event in Las Vegas this past week, and to "PaPa" Joe Fine who lost his cancer battle.

It was no easy task, going into the night only 5 points ahead of second in the championship series.  Buddy qualified third out of fifty competitors, you could throw a hankerchief over the top three qualifiers, he drew the pole for his starting position for the 150 lap event.

He led the field to the green flag, leading all 150 laps to earn the Championship and $10K from his office chair, methodically planning his race, hoping to save his hot rod for a big push at the end if needed.  It was a well sculpted plan that is normally performed by more experienced drivers, however, with his light years ahead thinking, patience and perseverance at his age, he executed a well played out plan.

Being challenged several times throughout the race by very experienced drivers, breathing down his neck lap after lap, Buddy keeping focus and a cool head  kept his #22 hot rod in front of the field.  On lap 95 an altercation occurred between Buddy and the second place car, who drove hard into his left rear wheel.  Buddy overcame the issue and crossed the start/finish line first on lap 96 for an early break.

His crew went to work repairing a bent wheel and much damage to his hot rod, then rolling out P1 for the remaining 54 laps.  Again he was challenged with many restarts, but when go time came, pushing the loud pedal and making a big run for the $10K. 

The last restart coming on lap 147 with three laps remaining, Buddy knew he had to make a flawless restart in order to hold off a hard charge from the second place driver.  He did just that, clocking his fastest lap of the race on lap 150!

A HUGE celebration in Victory Lane with his crew, sponsors, family, fans, friends and many others, money was flying, all were cheering, this win will be recorded as his biggest in his late model career!

Kudos to Buddy's STELLAR team:  Mike Keen, Dick Shepherd, Andy Worley, Gary Spangle, Tony Lamas, Bryan Brown, John Worley, Bo Bohannon, Joe Castro, Scott Sanchez, and all those before who have helped mold this seventeen year old to what he is today!

Thank you to Buddy's AMAZING sponsors:  AXALTA, FINISHMASTERS, H&M Motorsports, Advanced Distribution, Bakersfield Muffler, Crystal Pools (thanks for the new rubber for the race!), H&S Body Works and Towing, Schaeffer's Racing Oil, Dragster Joe Custom DieCast, Campbell Motorsports, Ron's Rear Ends, VDL Fuel Systems.

And, to all the fans, friends, family who support Buddy each and every race, Buddy thanks YOU!

Next Race:  TBA...Stay tuned!

Race On!!!


Motor Swap on Race Day = Fast Qualifier and Win #4 at Madera Speedway for The Buddy Shepherd Racing Team!


September 23, 2017 - A late race day motor swap was rewarded with another Fast Qualifier and Win #4 at Madera Speedway, in the  RPM Mortgage MAVTV televised Pro Late Model Division.

Buddy and his team rolled into Madera Speedway Friday afternoon, laying down some blistering laps times in practice.  But as the night unfolded his motor was smoking a bit more than the team was comfortable with.

The team arrived to the track early Saturday morning to work on eliminating the problem.  Locating the issue, then trying to correct it before the first practice (2:30p).  A valant effort was made, Buddy took his hot rod to the track for the first of two practice sessions.  The smoking was considerably better, but still showing a hint of smoke, it was then decided to swap motors.

Buddy and his stellar crew went to work, missing the second/last practice of the day.  An hour and a half later, without a moment to spare, Buddy found himself rolling out for qualifying, after the motor swap, earning yet another fast qualifier award for all of their hard work.  With his second lap being the fastest of both, however, his first lap was fast enough to earn fast qualifier of the twenty-six car field.

For the start of the 100 lap RPM Mortgage MAVTV televised main event, Buddy starting P2, outside front row, his best start of the season!  This was all thanks to a fan who drew his starting position on the front straightaway before the race began.  The top ten drivers in qualifying had a fan for each, drawing for their starting positions.

The race saw one red, and several yellows.  Buddy had amazing restarts and led the entire twenty-six car field for all 100 laps, with his fastest lap coming on lap 99!  Dedicating his win to his crew for busting their bums on his hot rod.  And to all those who support him every lap along the way. 

THE CREW:  Mike Keen, Andy and John Worley, Bo Bohannon, Gary Spangle, Bryan Brown, Tony Lamas, Joel Askew, Scott Sanchez, Dick Shepherd.

THE CHEF:  Ryan Hart for the AWESOME tri-tip.

Next Race:  October 7, 2017 @ Madera Speedway $10K TO WIN - Pro Late Models.

Race On!!!



August 26, 2017 - Wheeling the Jefferson Pitts Racing #27 hot rod to a sixth place finish in his first NASCAR K&N Pro Series West race of the 2017 season at Douglas Co. Speedway in Roseburg, Oregon in front of a record crowd.

Even though it was his first time ever racing on the 3/8 asphalt track, it was clear that when Buddy's name was announced for the start of the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West CLINT NEWALL TOYOTA 150 presented by NAPA AUTO PARTS race, he was by far the fan favorite of the 21 car field, in the packed grandstands at Douglas County Speedway.

With no scheduled practice on Friday night, Saturday was a very fast paced day, only two 45 minute practice sessions, group qualifying, and the 150 lap event.  Buddy took advantage of his track time, was fifth fastest at the end of practice.  Unfortunately, with one bobble in qualifying he earned P9, starting him P9 in the race.

Starting P9, he drove hard in the field of stout drivers.  With his respectful race style, maneuvering himself pass drivers on the one groove track, with the most exciting side-by-side, lap after lap racing besides a veteran driver.  Buddy taking the sixth position away from him, going on to put a whole straightaway between him and seventh place after the pass.  Clocking faster lap times than all five cars in front of him, only to run out of laps in catching and challenging the top 5.

Buddy describing this opportunity as humbling, appreciates the decision of JPR for choosing him to wheel one of their hot rods.  In choosing this opportunity, Buddy gave up the points lead in the RPM Mortgage Open Late Model Series at Madera Speedway. 

Next Race:  September 23, 2017 - Madera Speedway - Open Late Models

Race On!!!

Racing for Jefferson Pitts Racing 08/26/17 - NASCAR K&N Pro Series West - Douglas Co Spdwy - Oregon

August 24, 2017 - Buddy's heading to Oregon tomorrow to compete in NASCAR'S K&N Pro Series West CLINT NEWALL TOYOTA 150 presented by NAPA AUTO PARTS race at Douglas Co Spdwy in Roseburg Oregon! 

He will wheel the #27 hot rod for Jefferson Pitts Racing on the 3/8 mile paved oval track Saturday 8/26.  Another amazing opportunity to show his stellar racing talent with one of the most outstanding, leading teams in the series.

Watch "Near Live" scrolling updates on for updates throughout the race. 

5:15p = Qualifying

8:00p = 150 lap race




July 29, 2017 - Buddy drove a dominating race to win $5K at Madera Speedway, also earning another fast qualifier award!

Buddy's crew prepared and put another stellar hot rod underneath him, going on to win in dominating fashion.

Starting the race day earning himself another fast qualifier award, pulling P5 for the start of the 125 RPM Mortgage Pro Late Model Series, 5K to win race at Madera Speedway.

Buddy found himself leading on lap 3, after a handful of very strategic restarts with a stellar hot rod, and earning himself five extra points for crossing the start/finish line first at the half-way break.

At the ten minute on track half-way break, refueling and a few minor adjustments it was time to roll out and finish his day at the office.  The remaining laps saw many restarts.  The seventeen year old didn't look back, winning the BIG payday and extending his points lead in the series in the late night ending event.

Next race:  August 26, 2017 @ Douglas County Speedway, Roseburg, Oregon - NASCAR K&N Pro Series West.  Racing for Jefferson Pitts Racing!

Race On!!!


Buddy WINS his first SPEARS SRL race in Nick Sivesind/Wilson Motorsports #15 hot rod at Madera Speedway!

July 15, 2017 - Driving for the Nick Sivesind/Wilson Motorsports team, Buddy found himself in Victory Lane celebrating his first career win in the Spears Manufacturing Southwest Tour Division at Madera Speedway!

Buddy received a call from Nick two weeks before the race asking him to wheel their #15 hot rod, normally driven by Lance Wilson, who unfortunately couldn't make the race due to work. Kindly accepting the humbling offer, wheeling for the first time a VanDoorn built race car, working with a great team under the direction of Butch VanDoorn/builder and crew chief of VanDoorn Racing Development.  Butch flew to California from Michigan, and put a super sweet set up on the #15 hot rod.

Topping the board in practice on Saturday with the fastest lap time, qualifying P2 of a stellar 20 car field, with only a .043 gap off of the pole sitter, drawing P3 for the start of the "51 FIFTY Energy Drink 125".

It was a fast pace setting, a handful of cautions, one red, super hot night rounding Madera Speedway.  After dropping back to P4 on the start, Buddy would wheel the #15 hot rod back up to third.  Exciting it was, Buddy making it three wide in the middle of one/two on lap 70 battling for second.  Then three wide again on the following lap in three/four, on the apron making the pass for the lead, earning him the "FLUIDYNE High Performance Move of the Race!".

Buddy saw his last restart on lap 98, powering to the lead, and crossing over the finish line for his first ever Spears Manufaturing SRL Series win! 

He can't thank Nick, Butch, Charlie, Rob, Andy, Joel, Dick/dad, Kellie/mom, TiJera, family, fans, friends for the amazing opportunity and support.

Next Race:  July 29, 2017, Madera Speedway - Open Late Model.