March 10, 2018 - Topping the qualifying board once again, and a P2 finish for the AXALTA, FINISHMASTERS, ADVANCED DISTRIBUTION, Dragster Joe Custom DieCast, Crystal Pools, Schaeffer Racing Oil, H&S Body Works and Towing #22 hot rod with it's wheelman Buddy Shepherd at Madera Speedway.

With rain lurking, race day schedule changes, shrinking of 100 laps down to 80, field of 32 cars, heavy hitters, the 5K RPM Mortgage-MAVTV Televised Pro Late Model Season Opener went green in the early afternoon.  Many sprinkles made their way onto the track during the 80 lap feature, racing straight through without a halfway break.

Buddy led the majority of the laps during the slick, wet track conditions, avoiding many spinouts of fellow racers when the track became wet and slick.  Loosing the lead and dropping back into the sixth position when he set his right rear tire into a mixture of fluid dumping from a car in the field, and moisture from the rain.  Around lap 55 is when Buddy entered turn three on the high side, as he had been running previous laps, it was on the second lap of a restart when his right rear tire came in contact with the mixture that almost slung him into the turn four wall.  Connecting with the same area, drivers behind Buddy held on for a crazy ride, allowing the inside row to motor by all of them.  

Buddy made a remarkable comeback, although his right rear tire was ruined, somehow managing to make passes, driving his hot rod to the rear wheel of the winner when the checkered flag flew.  It was an amazing drive for Buddy, combatting the wet, slick track conditions, on-track fluids, stellar competition.  Celebrating his finish in Victory Lane with the 51 Fifty girls, fans, family, crew, friends, track personnel.

In addition to earning winnings for his hard fought P2 finish, he brought home additional monies for his Fast Time Award, thanks to H&S Body Works and towing, Half Time Bonus, thanks to NICERIDE and gift certificates from Frank's Radio. 

Next Race:  March 24, 2018.@ Madera Speedway - SRL Southwest Tour Division.  Wheeling the #15 hot rod for Wilson Motorsports.

Race On!!!