Retro Rocket @ KCRP

October 29, 2016 - Buddy and his team sporting their new Retro Rocket themed hot rod (designed by Joe Castro/Dragster Joe), made their third start in the Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series at Kern County Raceway Park in The Bulwark 150.  

A good friend, DAN JAMES, surprised us with paying our teams' entry into the race weekend and a set of tires!  THANKS DAN!!!

It was a busy Friday night practice with numerous adjustments in hopes of getting his H&M MOTORSPORTS, D'ANGELOS Automotive and Industrial Coatings, AXALTA Retro Rocket hot rod competitive. 

Returning to the track the next day, race day, the team went to work making changes.  With an hour of practice before qualifying they gave it all they had to get a better handling hot rod for Buddy to pilot.

With more adjustments, Buddy hit the the track for qualifying.  He somehow managed to pull out a P12 in qualifying, with only .033 separating him from P6!  Each car was sent to qualifying impound, then to the on track autograph session for some trick or treating fun!  At which time during, one of our sponsors DRAGSTER JOE, Joe Castro, presented a personalized, hand crafted, amazing 1:32 diecast of Buddy's Championship Late Model to Steve Hughes.  THANKS JOE!

Buddy started in the P12 position for the first half of the Bulwark 150.  On lap 12 he radioed in saying he thought the motor was laying down.  He had been hit from behind just prior to the motor issue.  It was thought and discovered at the eight minute half way break that a plug wire popped off and had logged itself on the header, damaging the plug wire.

A shout out to Brandon White and his crew, for providing us with a spare plug wire, without it, it would have been the end of Buddy's race night.  AND to Buddy's team for their valiant pit stop, just in time to get him back out for the remaining half of the race.

When the checkered flag flew, Buddy's Retro Rocket team earned an eighth place finish in a challenging drive for Buddy, and an exhausting weekend for his crew.  

Next Race:  SRL Southwest Tour, November 19, 2016 @ The Las Vegas Bullring.

Race On!!!