June 20, 2015 - Buddy earned another fast qualifier award and battled for a second place finish in the LoanMart Open Late Model 100 lap main event at Madera Speedway.

Buddy's hot rod was fast on a blistering hot weekend.  He found himself leading at the half way point of the race.

 After the break, choosing the outside groove to restart, he got out into the lead early. Buddy had a comfortable lead up until lap 80, when the second place car drove into each corner tapping the rear of Buddy's car in attempt to loosen him up enough to get underneath to pass.  The second place car never attempted the outside groove to pass.  Then coming out of turn four with 5 laps to go, the same car drove his nose right under Buddy's rear bumper lifting the entire rear of Buddy's car off the track!  Buddy made an awesome save, he then got underneath Buddy, a lot of contact was made,  and beat Buddy into turn 1.  Buddy took his hot rod and dove underneath him coming out of turn 2, they were side by side on the back stretch, and a yellow comes out.  However, they do not race to the yellow and the lap prior would be how the line up would be to restart the race with only 5 laps remaining.  Buddy tried to make a huge effort to take away the P1 position, but his hot rod had just enough damage from the contact a few laps prior that hindered him, he had to settle for second when the checkered flag flew. He did however, earn the most points of all the drivers for the night, inching his way up into the points battle for the season.

Thanks to a stellar crew performance on the hottest weekend of the race season to date.

Next Race:  July 4, 2015 @ Kern County Raceway Park.

Race On!!!