March 28, 2015 - Buddy had the crowd on their feet and cheering over the engines as he crossed the finish line!

His stellar crew worked hard all weekend finding the "sweet spot" that they all have so desired to obtain on the big track at KCRP.  Their efforts didn't disappoint.  Buddy qualified third fastest, with the fast qualifier rolling a 7 invert, lining Buddy up on the inside of row three for the start of the 75 lap main event.  The team set the #22 hot rod up for a late, hard charge around the half way point of the race. Their efforts were just what they wanted, as Buddy dropped back into the field at the beginning, cruising around the race track, regaining the positions that he lost, and hunting down the top 5 in front of him.  By this point they looked as though they were untouchable, however, never count out the 15 year old in his sophomore year driving late models, Buddy looked more like a focused veteran planning his attack.  As he drove closer and closer to the front running pack, he started picking each one off until he reached the second place car with two laps to go.  By now the crowd was at their feet cheering him on, which could be heard in the pits over all the engines zooming by.  Buddy gave it all he had taking his hot rod to its limits in an attempt to overtake the second place position.  As they crossed the finish line, Buddy was only a foot behind! The outpouring from the fans was amazing, they have all expressed how excited they are about coming back to watch Buddy compete again.  In their words, "Buddy was the show".

Next Race:     April 11, 2015 @ Kern County Raceway Park.

Race On!!!