Bakersfield, Ca

August 4, 2013 - Another hot day saw Buddy looking as though he had a great opportunity to lock in a starting position for the National Legends Race to be held in Pennsylvania. 

Buddy began his journey way back in the field, P9, carefully maneuvering his hot rod through the field, finding himself in the lead on lap 9 of the 30 lap feature!  After breaking away with a substantial lead, he had to whoa his hot rod for a few yellows. The last being on lap 25 with one car blowing a motor.  Oil was dumped on the track from the entry of turn 1 to the middle of 1/2, however, the clean up crew missed the 5 feet at the entry of turn 1.   There is a strict rule that the cars in our class are not supposed to cut the track, so Buddy, the driver that he is, drove his car on this oil slick each time he entered into turn 1.  He had to go into the turn "easy" as not to slide into the car on the outside of him.  The field doubled up on the restart, Buddy battled for the lead for a lap and a half before regaining the lead, fighting the car tooth and nail the entire time.  Fast forward to the last lap, turn 3...Buddy had at least a 2 car length advantage over the second place car who drove right into him causing Buddy to spin out in turn 4, only get hit by two more cars, settling for P5!  Buddy was fine, but extremely disappointed for a great weekend to end in that way.

Buddy gives his crew a HUGE shout out for giving him a bullet for a hot rod all weekend.  And to all his sponsors, fans, family and friends who support him 110% every race.

Race On!!!